MidiTrace - Smart electric heating controller for central unit installations


MidiTrace is an intelligent electric heating controller intended for control panel installations. It can be used to adjust heating circuits up to 32A, and either one or two circuits at once. A single-circuit device can include one-, two- or three-phase models. The two-circuit device includes two single-phase heating circuits.

MidiTrace features diverse adjustment algorithms, data transfer functionalities and programmable I/O.


Benefits of MidiTrace


  • Reduces the footprint of the control panel thanks to the double control
  • You can use the best and most affordable heating cables on the market
  • You can control the device remotely and save and import settings using the software
  • Automatic condition monitoring for circuits, sensors and controllers
  • Long service life
  • No separate supply transformer required

Among other applications, MidiTrace is suitable for mines, paper mills and chemical industry facilities - particularly in sites that process critical substances


Technical information


  • 1/2/3-phase control or 2 x 1-phase control @ 32A
  • 2 x Pt100 temperature sensor inputs and 4 x Pt100 temperature sensor inputs with an extra card
  • Programmable I/O for alarms and special features
  • Panel PC user interface
  • 2 x bus card slot (Ethernet, Rs-485, ModBus, Profibus)
  • Integrated cooling fin extends life span
  • MidiTrace units can distribute temperature information, which reduces the number of sensors required


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